©The Children’s Club

Suite 10 Princess Court, 1 Horace Road Kingston Upon Thames KT1 2SL


Bespoke Solutions for Students aged 5 to 18

Affordable Quality Teaching


We can also offer help and consultancy if your child requires additional educational support or if English is not their first language.

With an extensive knowledge of the schools in the area and education in general, our advice is sure to answer all your questions.

With a highly skilled team we can take care of your child and facilitate their learning outside school hours.

Running our club during school holidays gives your child something to do while boosting their education and keeping them entertained at the same time.

The Children's Club is a new learning environment and with our 30 years of teaching experience, we can provide excellent teaching, support and advice for you and your children regarding their education.

We offer a
pick up from school service and ensure that your children are cared for and are in an environment that boosts their learning. We assist them with homework and offer auxiliary classes in all subject areas, including 11+ and Common Entry preparation. We liaise with you and your child’s teachers to make sure we all work in unison to foster your children’s education and progress.  

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